Mount Sinai Head and Neck Cancer Survivorship Program

Completing treatment for a head and neck cancer is a triumph.  Patients who are disease-free after two years have a significant likelihood of long-term survival.  However, they require continued surveillance and oncologic management in order to achieve their optimal recovery.  

Approximately two years following treatment, your Mount Sinai Head and Neck Institute/Center of Excellence for Head and Neck Cancer physicians will transition you or your loved one’s care to the Head and Neck Cancer Survivorship Program. Our goal is to continue to strengthen your quality of life and recovery while providing comprehensive, multidisciplinary care.

What to Expect at the Head and Neck Cancer Survivorship Program

Two years post-treatment, you will see your oncology physician assistant for follow-up with appropriate examinations, imaging, and blood tests. During your visits, your full head and neck surgery and radiation oncology teams will be will be on hand to answer any additional questions you may have.

Multidisciplinary Survivorship Program Experts

We recognize that each patient’s road to recovery is different and our Survivorship Program ensures surveillance and support for your individualized needs. Our multidisciplinary Head and Neck Cancer Survivorship Program team includes specially trained experts in the following areas, should you need additional support:

After five years, we will decrease this follow-up frequency further but continue the same comprehensive surveillance care.

To donate to the Mount Sinai Head and Neck Cancer Survivorship Program, please contact Tatiana Stola, Associate Director of Development at 646-627-2663 or