Student Life

Students plan social activities and organize subcommittees for special projects throughout the school year.  The principal governing body for students is the Student Organization.

Student Government Activities

All students are members; officers are elected from each program and faculty members serve as Student Organization advisors. Students have input into policies of the School through their student representatives. Students are asked to volunteer for designated Faculty Organization committees.

The Student Organization also plans social activities and organizes subcommittees for special projects. These include health drives, fundraising events, and holiday socials. All AAS and ABSN students are encouraged to become members of the National Student Nurses Organization (NSNA). Students are also encouraged to become actively involved in NSNA activities on the State level and attend conventions. Our students have often held high offices in the state organization.

Peer Advisement

The School offers a peer advisement program to assist new AAS and ABSN students. Incoming students are introduced to a panel of peer advisors who are senior students and resource persons, available to answer questions and make appropriate referrals within the School. The student advisors have experienced the nursing program firsthand and, therefore, are able to provide the support and insight necessary to assist the first level student in successfully adjusting to the nursing curriculum.