Speech and Language Program

Speech Language Pathology: 
Speech Language Pathologists evaluate and treat individuals who have difficulty with communication, cognition, swallowing, and voice. A person’s speech and language skills may be impacted by a number of conditions, including stroke, brain injury, neurological events, or progressive neurological diseases. 

Treatment at the Abilities Research Center: 
Traditional treatment approaches include both individual and group speech therapy sessions. Newer research supports the combination of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) with intensive and individualized speech therapy to improve speech and language abilities. 

When paired with individualized speech and language treatment, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) can be an effective treatment for patients with a variety of speech, language, and cognitive disorders, including aphasia, apraxia, and dysarthria. 

At the Abilities Research Center, patients may participate in a 2-week intensive speech program. 

A speech language pathologist performs a comprehensive evaluation and develops patient specific goals for speech and language. Treatment sessions are one hour (for aphasia and apraxia) and thirty minutes (for dysarthria) immediately following 30 minute TMS sessions, five times per week. 

Who Can Participate: 

  • Patients with chronic speech, language and cognitive deficits (including aphasia, apraxia, dysarthria) following stroke, brain injury or other neurological condition. 

Participants must be:

  • Fluent in English 
  • Able to reliably attend daily treatment sessions 

Who Cannot Participate:

Patients who are affected by the following conditions may not be candidates for Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation (NIBS)

TMS Contraindications: 

  • Implanted cranial electrodes/ metallic hardware 
  • Personal history of seizure or epilepsy
  • Drugs that lower the seizure threshold/ recent drug withdrawal 
  • Pregnancy or nursing 

How to Participate in Our Speech and Language Program: 
If you are interested in intensive speech and language treatment paired with TMS may contact The Abilities Research Center directly at 212-241-8454 or at AbilitiesResearchCenter@MountSinai.org to schedule a consultation. Patients who are not candidates for programs utilizing NIBS, but are still interested in intensive speech and language treatment are still encouraged to contact The Abilities Research Center to schedule a consultation for alternative individualized treatment options.