News and Media

  • Frontline Strong Relief Initiative
    The Abilities Research Center partners with Studio Elsewhere to develop recharge rooms and provide resources for frontline healthcare workers to support their physical and mental well-being during COVID-19.
  • New Post-COVID-19 Care Center at Union Square
    David Putrino, PhD was featured in an Eyewitness News segment where he discussed the opening of the post-COVID care center in Union Square for individuals with lingering COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Personalized Protocols for lingering COVID-19 Symptoms
    David Putrino, PhD was interviewed by NBC where he discussed the development of personalized protocols for individuals experiencing lingering COVID-19 symptoms. This interview was highlighted in Becker’s Hospital Review.
  • Rehabilitation strategies for COVID-19 Recovery
    David Putrino, PhD was interviewed by the New York Times and The Herald to discuss the complexity of post-COVID care recovery, especially for individuals experiencing post-intensive care syndrome. 
  • Chronic COVID-19 Long Term Needs
    David Putrino, PhD, featured in the International Business Times, emphasizes that healthcare providers should not discount the experience of individuals with chronic COVID-19 symptoms. 
  • Optimizing Rehab Technology in the Outpatient Setting at the Abilities Research Center 
    Join Mar Cortes, MD for this exclusive digital event where she discusses how Mount Sinai successfully developed and implemented a patient-centric wellness program. 
  • Three Months In, These Patients Are Still Ravaged by Covid’s Fallout
    Months after suffering from COIVD-19, patients are still feeling the aftereffects of the disease. Doctors across the country are studying the long-term side effects of the virus as mentioned in the The Wall Street Journal.
  • Recharge Rooms and Resilience During COVID-19
    Tune in to the Road to Resilience podcast to hear David Putrino, PhD, discuss recharge rooms, resilience as a social resource, and the connection between resilience and storytelling.