MindMotion™ GO Telerehabilitation Program

The MindMotion™ GO telerehabilitaion program at the Abilities Research Center (ARC), focuses on maximizing the recovery potential of patients after a stroke or brain injury. The program is an intensive technology-supported home rehabilitation program that can be carried out as a standalone therapy plan, or in addition to an existing therapy plan. 

MindMotion™ GO facilitates high-dose training at home through engaging activities for upper-limb, lower-limb, hand or trunk movements with a proprietary medical device and software.

Eligible participants will be enrolled in the program for a minimum of six weeks. After an initial assessment session, a therapist from our team of trained specialists will devise a tailored therapy plan for the patient to be completed from home with a combination of independent sessions and therapist supported virtual sessions.

Participants will receive their own MindMotion™ GO device to use at home to facilitate their sessions. A therapist will closely monitor and track the individual’s progress, and review and adapt the therapy plan accordingly.


Image of man using MindMotion™ GO Telerehabilitation Program

MindMotion™ GO is an FDA-cleared medical device and software used in rehabilitation centers and at home to support the physical rehabilitation of adults with neurological conditions, such as stroke.

It provides an engaging gaming experience that encourages movement of upper limbs, lower limbs, hands and trunk with audio-visual feedback and graphic movement representations. During activities, patients control various avatar characters to fly across the mountains, ski downhill, drive a flying car, climb a rock wall, and fly on a magic carpet, as well as other engaging interactive games. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the MindMotion™ GO telerehabilitation program right for me? 
If you have experienced a stroke, brain injury, or other neurological disease, you may be eligible for this treatment. Our therapists will assess you to check for suitability and advise on a program tailored to your needs.

What benefits can I expect from participating in the program?

  • A flexible and fun approach to therapy, from the comfort and safety of your home
  • A portfolio of fun and engaging games to take ownership of your therapy
  • High dose training of quality movements
  • Continuous support and remote monitoring from trained Mount Sinai therapists

Should I expect more, less, or the same improvements compared to participating in standard therapy?
Dose and repetition is imperative in motor recovery, which MindMotion™ GO helps to deliver. It has been shown in prior research that the benefits of technology supported home training programs can be equivalent to in person programs, and can even have greater adherence.

How does the program work and how long is it?
The program is meant to be completed from the patient’s home and run virtually for the most part. Some in-person visits may be scheduled as necessary. The program duration will be adapted to each patient, however patients should engage for an initial period of six weeks.

Can I continue with my regular therapy while I am participating in the program?
Yes, we encourage you to continue your regular exercise routine and any other therapeutic programs that benefit you.

How will I be supported in my therapy program using the MindMotion™ GO?
Depending on your needs, your therapy program will include a combination of remote sessions with direct support from your therapist via videoconference, as well as independent remotely monitored sessions designed by your therapist. Data from each of your sessions will be shared with your therapist so that they can keep track of your weekly training and make adjustments as needed.

Do I need to be tech-savvy to be a part of this program?
MindMotion™ GO is designed to be simple and intuitive to use so that it is accessible to individuals even if they aren’t tech-savvy. Your therapist and MindMaze will be available should you need any technical support.