Surviving Cancer

A diagnosis of gynecologic cancer is news you do not want to get. It is traumatic, but it does not have to be. We are here to help you live your best life during and following your cancer treatment. At Mount Sinai, you have a team of compassionate experts with you all the way, 100 percent.

Thanks to advances in science and medical treatments, your chances of surviving gynecologic cancer are better than ever. In addition, we are here to suggest that in the face of gynecologic cancer, you can actually thrive.

From how you breathe, eat, and sleep, to how you relate to your circumstances, your experience with cancer does not have to define you. You are not your cancer. It is a challenge, but you are not alone.

Throughout the Mount Sinai network of doctors, support staff, and other survivors, you have:

Your family and friends are on this journey with you, too. They are here for you. They may want information about your care. They will want to sensitive to any limitations you may have. And, highest on their minds is wondering how they can help you.

Your health care team will discuss all of this with and more.

Your gynecologic oncologist will work with you and your other team members will be involved in creating your after-treatment plan. You can also use the tools provided by the American Cancer Society about Survivorship Care Plans and the extensive Survivorship Library.

Knowledge is empowering. Take advantage of our support services and maintain positive outlook and your health going forward.