Mount Sinai Tisch Cancer Center

Center for Cancer Prevention and Wellness

Most cancers are typically caused by a combination of genetic factors, environmental factors, and other unknown factors. But, some cancers result from inherited genetic predispositions that influence cancer risk. Usually, individuals do not know of their predisposition until a family member is diagnosed with cancer.

The Center for Cancer Prevention and Wellness (CCPW) at Mount Sinai uses genetic medicine to identify patients at risk for cancer. It helps patients and their families understand how their genetic predispositions influence their cancer risks and provides cancer risk surveillance and management. The goal is to prevent cancer from developing when possible.

Genetic counseling and genetic testing can help clarify cancer risk for you and your family members and help guide healthcare decisions. At the CCPW, we educate our patients about potential cancer risks and recommend personalized plans that may include screening and care to help prevent a first-time or repeat occurrence. 

Our multidisciplinary team approach ensures that all characteristics of an individual’s health status are considered and addressed when developing the most appropriate care plan. 

We provide the following services:

  • Genetic testing and counseling for patients

  • Genetic testing and counseling for at-risk family members

  • Coordination and navigation of surveillance

    • Collaboration with surveillance specialists

    • Review and interpretation of multidisciplinary surveillance results

    • Facilitation of subspecialty consultation
  • Long-term follow up for patients and at-risk family members

Each individual’s care and surveillance plan is customized to their unique situation and needs.

If you have a family member who has had cancer, know that you are genetically predisposed, or are interested in determining if you have any genetic predispositions, we can help. We can provide an assessment of your cancer risk and offer recommendations for lowering that risk.  

Through preventive care and surveillance we empower patients and families, optimizing wellness and preventing cancer when possible.

Preparing For Your Visit 
We ask that patients provide the following information in advance of their first appointments, if possible: 

  • Medical records that pertain to a personal diagnosis of cancer, including any genetic testing results
  • History of family cancer diagnoses, including age at time off diagnosis and any previous or planned treatments 
  • Genetic testing results from relatives

For more information about the Center for Cancer Prevention and Wellness or to schedule your first appointment, please call 844-632-2623.