Reach Your Peak 3.0 – 2019 Walking Challenge

Spring is finally here, the days are getting longer, and it is the perfect time to begin (or refresh) your personal wellness plan. Jumpstart your program, and put your best foot forward by signing up for the 2019 Reach Your Peak challenge.

Announcing RYP 3.0 Winning Teams

Congratulations to all of our teams. We are all winners, when we prioritize our health!

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Winning Team: Hemoglobin Trotters
Captain: Cansu Cimen Bozkus
Average Steps:16,252

Mount Sinai 42nd Street
Winning Team: Team Turtle
Captain: Vanessa Rivera
Average Steps: 20,909

Mount Sinai Beth Israel
Winning Team: MSD W. 14th St INNOVATORS
Captain: Allison Sherwood
Average Steps: 19,133

Mount Sinai Brooklyn
Winning Team: The Demolition Crew
Captain: LaShawn Taylor
Average Steps: 8,394

Mount Sinai Corporate Offices
Winning Team: International Steppers
Captain: Nellie Vasquez
Average Steps: 14,602

Mount Sinai Downtown
Winning Team: 3N Lab Elites
Captain: Ayesha Syed
Average Steps: 16,410

Mount Sinai Queens
Winning Team: Purple Team-Radiology
Captain: Veronica
Average Steps: 14,049

Mount Sinai Morningside
Winning Team: Happy Feet St. Luke's
Captain: Florence Paolici
Average Steps: 10,154

Mount Sinai West
Winning Team: WE Stride Together
Captain: Rachel Nelson
Average Steps: 14,414

New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai
Winning Team: Feed the Burn
Captain: Ruby Paneque
Average Steps: 11,914

Offsite Physician Practice
Winning Team: The Power Steppers
Captain: Charlene Carroll
Average Steps:12,702

South Nassau Communities Hospital
Winning Team: F1 Steps and Stitches
Captain: Julia Biernacka
Average Steps: 15,022

The Mount Sinai Hospital
Winning Team: Big Little Thighs
Captain: Raquelle Agranoff
Average Steps: 22,931

We hope all of you will be participating in our next Reach Your Peak walking Challenge.

Watch for announcements about registering for RYP 4.0 in 2020.

What Is Reach Your Peak?

Back by popular demand, Reach Your Peak 3.0 (RYP 3.0) is this year’s spring-and-summer team-based wellness walking challenge. Designed to reinforce the benefits of setting, achieving, and sustaining personal health goals, RYP encourages participants to achieve a daily count of 10,000 steps. By forming teams with your colleagues at Mount Sinai Health System (MSHS), you will discover that the camaraderie of walking as a group prompts you to walk longer distances and simultaneously improves your social connections. During the challenge, you will have many unique opportunities to focus on movement and exercise, nutrition and a balanced approach to managing life’s daily stressors.

How to Get Started

  • Make the commitment!
  • Build a team – 8-12 participants is optimal
  • Select a captain
  • Choose a team name
  • Register

Participating in RYP is Easy

  • Track your daily step count using the App of your choice
  • Report your daily steps each week
  • Crush the competition by stepping more than your competitors

FACTOID: Participants in RYP 2.0 (2018) took 20% more steps (on average) than their RYP 1.0 colleagues. You can do the same or better.

The More the Merrier

We enrolled 2,700 participants for the 2018 challenge. Our goal for 2019? Enroll 5,000 faculty staff and students. You can help by encouraging your co-workers to join.

Registration begins May 20 and remains open through the challenge, so joining is possible at any point between June 3 and August 23. Of course, sooner is better, but it’s never too late!

By surrounding yourself with others focused on achieving heart healthy habits, you have a better chance of achieving your personal RYP goals, which is one more reason we are:

On Your Mark, Get Set: Register

Pick your location from the list during Registration:

  • One of the eight Mount Sinai Health System hospitals
  • Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
  • Mount Sinai Corporate (including 42nd Street, 57th Street, Water Street, and Secaucus)
  • Mount Sinai Downtown (including Union Square and the Blavatnik Family - Chelsea Medical Center)
  • One of the offsite physician practices

Three icons of people running with text below

Team Captains Register

Each captain starts the process by registering first and adding the team name on the registration page.

Team Members Register

After the team name is registered by the captain, team members can register and officially join the team.

A mouse cursor hovers over a page. Text beneath says

For details about the registration process, please refer to the step-by-step Registration Instructions.

Go! Start Walking

June 3, 2019: begin walking-and-tracking for 12 weeks. Watch for weekly leader boards to watch your team’s progress.

August 23: official end of RYP 3.0. Report your final week step results through Monday, September 9. Winners from each location will be announced and posted in September.

RYP Exercise Videos

Each week during the 12-week RYP challenge, we will posting a video featuring impactful stretches and exercises that will give you added strength. Each exercise is easy to do almost anywhere and is designed to help you keep stepping!

More to come.

Track Your Steps

Track steps using a personal activity tracker or a mobile App. Trackers you may want to consider:

Start by tracking the number of steps you take on a regular day. Aim to improve your step count every day! Any increase to the number of steps you take will benefit your health; 10,000 steps per day is the suggested goal for RYP 3.0 participants.

To record your steps, be sure to use Google Chrome to login to the RYP App. When using Explorer or Safari web browsers, your steps may not be saved.

Get Inspired

At any point over the 12-weeks of RYP, your team can pull ahead of the competition as you take more steps.

Check each week’s leader board to see how each team is doing. The leader boards show the number of steps each team took during the previous week—listed by location.

June 14 Leader Board
June 20 Leader Board
June 27 Leader Board
July 3 Leader Board
July 10 Leader Board
July 17 Leader Board
July 24 Leader Board
July 31 Leader Board
August 7 Leader Board
August 14 Leader Board
August 21 Leader Board
August 28 Leader Board

More to follow.

Fitness for All and Prizes for Some

Once RYP 3.0 ends on August 23 the average step count for each participating team at each participating campus will be recorded. Winning teams will celebrate with a chef-prepared dinner in Soho at the test kitchen of Epicured, a prize last year’s winners truly enjoyed.

  • RYP: A fun and easy way to embrace your journey to fitness and well-being
  • WHEN: Begins June 3, 2019 and runs for 12 weeks
  • WINNERS: Team with highest average weekly step count over the 12-week challenge
  • PRIZE: Celebration dinner at Epicured’s Test Kitchen for the winning team from each site


If you still have questions about Reach Your Peak – please refer to these FAQs. For more information, email us at