Employee Testimonials

“I initially responded to a widely distributed invitation by the Wellness Program for Mount Sinai personnel to partake in midday meditation and meaningful reflection class as a possible "stress reducing" exercise. New to the this approach, I hesitantly attended a session provided by Mickie Brown, RN, and found it to be an effective remedy for stress and often chaotic challenges of daily life in a dynamic and demanding medical center. I have gratefully incorporated meditation and mindfulness as a new personal behavioral mode, and now eagerly look forward to each weekly offering. Acquiring a new perspective has certainly made smiling easier.” 

 - Carmel Cohen, MD, ISMMS

“Joining the wellness program has been such an eye-opening experience for me. The knowledge and support the staff provided has inspired me to continue to work on building a healthy lifestyle for myself as well as my family. I am certain if anyone tries one of the wellness programs at Mount Sinai and focuses on their goals, they will benefit as well.”

 - Melchior V., Support Services

“I was excited about my A1C levels dropping from 10.3 to 7.0 by participating in the Diabetes Alliance. With small lifestyle changes—eliminating juice, increasing my fiber intake, and weekly activity—I was able to achieve my goal. I feel great about myself. My children and grandchildren are eating heathier as a result of my new wellness practices. I encourage any employee who has diabetes or who would like to make any lifestyle change to see Maria Elena Rodriguez RD CDE or Jennifer Kartashevsky RD CDE, two of the Registered Dietitians designated to work with Mount Sinai Faculty and employees. This is a free service and a gift from Mount Sinai, so take advantage of this benefit.  It changed my life for the better.”

Valerie now leads a walking group at the Mount Sinai 42nd Street Corporate office three days per week. If you are interested in signing up please email  wellness@mountsinai.org.

 - Valerie R., Department of Information Technology

“I feel great after participating in nutritional wellness visits with Maria Elena Rodriguez, RD, CDE. Not only am I looking and feeling better, my husband has started to lose weight and my kids are enjoying healthier meals at home.”

 - Angela M., Department of Information Technology

“I'm in the habit of working straight through the day without a break for as many as 10 hours at a stretch. Take Time to Meditate felt like a sanctioned break in the work day. It provided a much needed opportunity to refocus and recharge. Remembering to breathe deeply and remain mindful and present are deceptively simple goals.  They require attention and practice which I wasn't able to do on my own without the jump start the course provided. Learning how to meditate is something I've wanted to do for a long time and the convenience of having the course in the work place on a lunch hour finally motivated me to do it. I've been recommending it to my staff and I am hoping they discover the benefits of meditation.”

 - Ann R.