The Many Flavors of Diversity

Message from Jane Maksoud, RN, MPA
Senior Vice President
Chief Human Resources Officer
Mount Sinai Health System

Welcome to the Mount Sinai Calm and Fit 2021 cookbook, The Many Flavors of Diversity. This is a compilation of personal “comfort food” recipes contributed by faculty, staff, and students from across the Health System, showcasing some of their treasured culinary customs from around the globe.

I am especially happy to share this collection with you as recognition of Mount Sinai’s ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion and as a gift of appreciation for our compassionate and caring faculty and staff. Our workforce includes folk indigenous to the United States and those that hail from far afield. Together, we create a multicultural community. Making space to learn about one another through the experience of nourishing food while celebrating cherished customs, offers an opportunity to appreciate cultures and norms that may be new for many of us. 

Within these pages, you will find recipes from Africa; the Caribbean; North, South, East, and Central Europe; Asia, and North and South America. You will learn about sacred dishes passed down by word of mouth through generations of an individual family along with new cuisines explored for health and pleasure.

Thank you to those who took the time to share a favorite dish―it is almost as if you have invited us to your table to share a meal with you in honor of Shabbat, Rosh Hashanah, Diwali, Holi, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holidays in addition to the every-day pleasure of classic regional foods.

I wish you the blessings of peace, comfort, and joy during all of the holidays you celebrate and best wishes to each of you, your families, and all those you hold dear for a future that is healthy and safe.