The Recanati / Miller Transplantation Institute

Skilled in offering a range of procedures including liver and kidney transplantation, Mount Sinai’s Recanati/Miller Transplantation Institute is one of the largest adult and pediatric abdominal transplant centers in the world. Our distinguished team treats and supports patients with end-stage kidney, liver, pancreas, and intestinal diseases throughout every step of the transplant process, including pre- and post-surgical care. We also have one of the largest living donor programs in the United States, performing living donor transplants for both liver and kidney. Learn more

Mount Sinai Expert to Chair International Transplant Meeting

Dr. Kishore Iyer, Surgical Director of Mount Sinai’s Intestinal Transplantation & Rehabilitation Program is honored to chair the 15th Annual CIRTA. For more information, visit the CIRTA 2017 website.

Become An Organ Donor

There is an extreme shortage of organs (such as livers, hearts, lungs, pancreas, and kidneys) available for transplantation. Register now

Become a Living Kidney Donor

Living donation is an opportunity for ordinary people to do the extraordinary. Save lives through living organ donation. Learn more


About Organ Donation

Thousands of people in the New York metropolitan area are waiting for a new organ to become available that will give them the gift of life. Learn more