Preventive Cardiology

We do everything we can to help you prevent heart disease in the first place. We can advise you on exercise and nutrition. And we also offer a wide selection of support services.

Our doctors will help you avoid heart problems by recognizing your symptoms and identifying risk factors. We offer the following:

  • Assessment: You are unique. Your heart health has been shaped by your individual circumstances. That means everything from your daily habits to your genes. Our team performs complete assessments of all your heart risk factors. These considerations include hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes mellitus, tobacco smoking, family history of vascular disease, obesity, age, and gender. We understanding that you are more than just your symptoms. We partner with you to create an individualized care plan that takes your emotional, physical, social, and cultural needs into account.
  • Nutritional advice: The foods you choose have a direct effect on the health of your heart. So it is important to understand what to eat and what to avoid. We can help you put together a heart healthy diet. We emphasize colorful fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy, whole grains, skinless poultry and fish, non-tropical vegetable oils, legumes and nuts, and plenty of water. We also help you understand how to limit your intake of saturated fats, transfats, sugars, salt, and red meats. This means avoiding soft drinks, fast foods, and other unhealthy groups.
  • Lifestyle counseling: Your heart is affected by your daily habits. We provide counseling on the activities that both help and hurt your heart health. We can help you adopt healthy practices. These include spending at least 30 minutes each day engaging in daily physical activities, such as taking a brisk walk, hitting the gym, swimming, or going for a bike ride. Choosing an activity you love will help you stick with it. It is also vital to understand that cigarette smoke damages and narrows the body’s arteries. This leads to heart disease. It is important to quit smoking and avoid exposure to second-hand smoke.