Critical Care Recovery Program

The Critical Care Recovery Program (CCRP) is an innovative program to promote resilience and recovery for critically ill patients and families. Our program creates unrivaled collaboration for education, research, and outreach throughout the continuum of critical care. The guiding principles of the CCRP are to understand the vulnerability of critically ill patients; leverage technology to provide compassionate care and to provide patient-centered care to improve patient outcomes.

The CCRP will provide a platform for collaboration for innovative ideas on humanizing the ICU and beyond.

The Critical Care Recovery Clinic

We understand that being in the intensive care unit (ICU) or having a loved one in the ICU can be very distressing and stressful. You are not alone on this journey to recovery. We want to provide you with a network of resources that can support you. This recovery includes helping you set reasonable goals for recovery, checking in on your psychosocial wellbeing, and referring you to therapeutic resources during your ICU stay and beyond. By addressing important gaps in care after ICU discharge, we can set you and your loved one on the right track for recovery.

The Critical Care Recovery Clinic is a multi-ICU initiative created to address the complex recovery needs of ICU survivors and to fill important gaps in care after hospital discharge. Many patients experience Post-Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS) after leaving the ICU. By using evidence-based practice, we hope to mitigate the impact of PICS and help our patients and families embark on the best possible trajectory of recovery.