IBD Research

Prevention and cure are the ultimate goal of our inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) researchers within The Helmsley IBD Center. We want to understand why certain people develop IBD and how we can prevent that from happening in the future. We are dedicated to finding ways to help you now by preventing the discomfort of IBD flares and stopping complications of IBD from occurring.

Mount Sinai Health System researchers work on these goals every day. We conduct innovative clinical trials and initiate research projects with your doctors to deliver innovation to you quickly and safely.

Navigating the Road to Prevention 

The physicians at the Susan and Leonard Feinstein IBD Center are focusing their work on helping patients suffering with IBD. We create customized treatment plans based on the latest research spearheaded by members of our research team. We are continuously studying ways to predict who will develop symptoms and make the most of therapies before symptoms start.

Our research team has also developed a very exciting program, Life Before IBD, dedicated to studying aspects of each patient’s life before developing IBD. The overall goal of this project is to define important developments in the gastrointestinal tract before IBD occurs. We plan to study risks for IBD in large families with many members who have IBD. We also want to study babies of mothers with IBD and siblings of IBD patients.

We believe that the results of Life Before IBD study may help us understand how we can prevent the disease from ever happening, especially in high-risk groups.

To find out more about our Life Before IBD program, or if you’re eligible to participate because you have a large family with IBD, please email us at roadtoprevention@mssm.edu.

Clinical Trials Program

The Susan and Leonard Feinstein Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center is at the cutting edge of clinical research in Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. We are always looking for the best medical treatment options for our patients and offer the newest investigational therapies currently being studied in clinical trials for IBD.

Please call our Research office at 212-824-7669 to speak with one of our research coordinators to discuss how you can participate in clinical trials at Mount Sinai. Additionally, if you would like to find out more about current open clinical trials, please email us at IBDClinicaltrials@mssm.edu or read more about Mount Sinai active clinical trials

Mount Sinai Crohn’s and Colitis Registry (MSCCR)

Mount Sinai has always been on the forefront of the research and treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD): Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. As part of our efforts to better understand these diseases and develop new therapies for IBD, the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai has developed the Mount Sinai Crohn’s and Colitis Registry (MSCCR).

The goal of the innovative MSCCR study is to create a database of clinical information and a repository of biological specimens. This research will help us better understand IBD and help us develop new therapies.

Even if you or a loved one is not diagnosed with IBD, but one of you is undergoing a colonoscopy, there’s an opportunity to participate in the study. If you are interested in participating, please contact:

Anabella Castillo, RN, MPH
Senior Nurse Coordinator

Farah Fasihuddin, MPH
Senior Clinical Coordinator

The MSCCR team is located at:
The Susan and Leonard Feinstein IBD Center
17 East 102nd Street 5th Floor
New York, NY 10029

Meet Our Research Team

Jean-Frédéric Colombel, MD
Marla C Dubinsky, MD
Bruce Sands,MD,MS
Judy H Cho,MD
Jose Clemente, MD
Jeremiah Faith, PhD
Inga Peter,MD
Keith J Benkov,MD
Joana Torres,MD
Asher Kornbluth,MD
James F Marion,MD
Anthony Weiss,MD
Peter H Rubin,MD
James Aisenberg,MD
James George,MD
Peter E Legnani,MD
Ryan C. Ungaro, MD