Innovative IBD Programs

At Mount Sinai, our dedication to meeting the unique needs of those suffering with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) has lead us to create the Feinstein Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center and the following IBD programs. Each program, exclusive at Mount Sinai, provides a unique approach to helping you deal with your personal IBD needs.


GRITT-IBD stands for gaining resilience through transitions in cases of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). OurGRITT-IBDTM program is designed to help you build strengths that give you resilience – the ability to recover from difficulties associated with IBD. We work collaboratively to provide the best possible care using a team-based, patient-centered approach. The goal of GRITT-IBD is to eliminate or reduce barriers to your having an improved quality of life.

Here is how GRITT-IBD works. A multidisciplinary team of co-located providers from our IBD Center meets on a weekly basis to discuss referred patients. We collaborate on designing a customized care strategy to ensure that each participating patient has full access to an ideal IBD team of professionals -- medical, nursing, pharmacy, social, child life, nutritional, and behavioral/psychological. Throughout treatment, wemonitor and address any concerns.

Participation in this program requires a referral/order from an IBD Center doctor. Ask your care provider if you qualify.

Smoking Cessation Program for IBD Patients

As an IBD patient, if you would like to stop smoking, we have a highly successful smoking cessation program for you. We are dedicated to your achieving your goal to quit smoking for good.

Here is how our smoking cessation program for IBD patients works. We create a customized treatment plan that is integrated into your IBD care. For your initial visit, you meet one-on-one with a healthcare provider. After that, your follow up meetings take place by phone, using a technique known as telemedicine. Typically, your treatment plan combines medications like nicotine replacement therapy along with behavioral modifications.

This unique program is based on the belief that you can succeed with guidance, support, proper medication, and effective behavioral modifications. In fact, we have found that counseling by a health care provider – as we offer in this program --- with or without medication can double or even triple your chance of success in becoming smoke-free.

To schedule an appointment email or call 212-241-8100.

Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

The goal of our medical therapy management (MTM) clinic is to ensure the safety and efficacy of your entire medication regimen with a focus on your inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) treatment.

Here’s how our MTM program works. You meet with an IBD clinical pharmacist who provides a comprehensive review, assessment, and evaluation of all medication you take, including prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs, and herbal supplements. The IBD clinical pharmacist reviews what you take for any possible drug interactions.

Our pharmacist also collaborates with your IBD doctor to give you an extra layer of support and education about your IBD care. You can personalize your participation in the MTM program according to your unique concerns, like these examples what other IBD patients have learned about:

  • Adverse effects of specific medications
  • Current treatment plans
  • How to choose a biologic treatment
  • Medical marijuana
  • Safety and efficacy of herbal supplements
  • Transitioning from pediatric to adult care

To schedule an appointment, call 212-241-8100.

Preconception and Pregnancy Planning (I-PrePP)

The Marie and Barry Lipman Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Preconception and Pregnancy Planning (I-PrePP) Clinic was developed specifically for women with IBD. We answer questions and address your concerns about every stage of motherhood -- from preconception to pregnancy and into the post-partum period.

Since IBD most commonly affects women in their reproductive years, high quality interdisciplinary care is vitally import for family planning.

Here is how I-PrePP works. Your IBD doctor collaborates with a high-risk obstetrician who specializes in reproductive health for women with IBD. The clinic also researches the impact of IBD on fertility and pregnancy outcomes as well as the safety of medications used to treat IBD.

To schedule an appointment call 212-241-5415 or email Jessica at

IB-DART: Inflammatory Bowel Diseases and Arthritis Clinic

Often people don’t realize that, some of the conditions that are affecting their bowels, could also be affecting their joints. About 25-30% of patients with IBD are also afflicted by inflammation in their joints. Similarly, many of the treatments used to treat IBD, can also heal joint disease.

The Inflammatory Bowel Diseases and Arthritis Clinic (IB-DART) aims to provide comprehensive, multidisciplinary care to patients afflicted by both IBD, and associated disorders outside the gastrointestinal system, especially the joints. At the IB-DART clinic, patients will have a clinic visit with both an IBD specialist and a Rheumatologist. They will collaborate together to provide each patient with high value, comprehensive, personalized care to help manage their diseases and overall state of health better.

Additionally, at the IB-DART clinic, we will also research the underlying mechanisms behind these disease processes, and study their impact on long term outcomes in our patients. We also aim to compare and evaluate the effectiveness of various immunosuppressant medications, in an effort to optimize care for all patients.

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