Digestive Diseases - Gastroenterology

Endoscopy and Colonoscopy

Mount Sinai is your best choice in New York City for colonoscopies and routine endoscopic procedures. Through our compassionate and expert care, we do all we can to help you feel comfortable and at ease before, during, and after your procedure.

Our team of endoscopists, medical assistants, nurses, and anesthesiologists use the very latest procedures and equipment with the highest level of clinical expertise.

Many gastroenterologist refer their most difficult cases to Mount Sinai because we have the experience to help with the most challenging problems. We also offer advanced therapeutic endoscopy and care for motility disorders for more complex cases.

The Latest Equipment 

Mount Sinai's endoscopy suites are outfitted with advanced optics and superior visualization systems. This equipment permits rapid, accurate, and painless examination of the entire digestive tract and adjacent structures. Our goal is to provide you and your primary gastroenterologist with the best medical information to treat or prevent any gastrointestinal problems.

Endoscopy and colonoscopy can be both diagnostic and therapeutic. Endoscopy is the best means of early detection for several forms of cancer.