About Us

The International Services Department at the Mount Sinai Health System takes a personalized approach to providing our guests with the most effective and efficient care possible. With a strong tradition of excellence in successful treatments and scientific research, Mount Sinai draws patients from around the globe who seek physician consultations, second medical opinions, specialized surgical procedures, and other international medical treatments. Becoming a Mount Sinai patient means having access to the Health System’s full range of specialized physicians, who are skilled in providing a comprehensive approach to total patient care. The Mount Sinai Health System is home to some of the country’s top doctors as well as ambitious research studies that give patients the benefit of leading-edge treatment options. Our International Services Department is proud to connect our patient guests with the experts delivering these unparalleled medical resources, and we are pleased to personally coordinate the entire treatment process to ensure the best possible patient experience.

Personalizing Care for International Patients

To provide the highest level of convenience, our International Services Department assigns each visiting patient a dedicated member of our medical concierge team, who offers personal assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the initial phone call to the final transfer of medical records after treatment is complete. By performing a variety of services such as scheduling medical appointments and making hotel reservations, our team strives to handle all logistics, so patients are free to focus on treatment and healing.

Coordinating Medical Treatment Abroad

Patients seeking international medical services at Mount Sinai can expect the following assistance:

  • Guidance in selecting the most appropriate doctor
  • Convenient coordination of all medical appointments and hospital admission
  • Secure cost estimates for medical treatment prior to admission
  • Medical travel coordination to New York City, including flights, hotels, and car service
  • Interpreter services for all communication with medical personnel
  • Assistance with all paperwork required to receive international medical treatment at our hospital, including travel visas
  • Itemizations of invoices upon completion of medical treatment
  • Translation and transfer of medical records back to the patient’s referring physician upon request

The goal of Mount Sinai’s International Services Department is to provide our guests from abroad with access to the highest quality medical care, personalized to the specific needs of each patient and their family.