Mount Sinai's Roc Doc

Nimesh P. Nagarsheth, MD is an internationally-recognized Gynecologic Oncologist and minimally-invasive/robotic cancer surgeon. He is known for his expertise in performing bloodless (transfusion-free) surgery in Gynecology and Gynecologic Oncology. In addition, his work and publications on humanistic care and the intersection of music and medicine have also garnered international recognition.

An acclaimed musician and percussionist, Dr. Nagarsheth joined with five other women's cancer surgeons from around the country in 2008 to launch an international campaign to raise awareness of gynecologic cancers through music and the arts by forming the rock band N.E.D. which stands for No Evidence of Disease. The band writes, records and performs original music to raise awareness and funds for women's cancers Shortly after its formation, N.E.D. received a recording contract from Motema Music, a New York City-based record label, and released its first album. In the past four years, the band has toured internationally and has become a significant fundraising platform for the Foundation for Women's Cancer and Marjie's Fund, non-profits supporting gynecologic cancer research and awareness. N.E.D. released their second album, Six Degrees, in 2011.

The success of N.E.D. led Dr. Nagarsheth on a number of projects to improve quality of life for his patients through music. In 2008, he published the critically acclaimed book Music and Cancer, A Prescription for Healing. Based on the book’s concepts, Dr. Nagarsheth created a talk on Music and Cancer that has now been given at dozens of medical Grand Rounds at some the top medical centers in the United States, as well as to patient and survivor grounds across the country.. In 2011, Dr. Nagarsheth received the prestigious GOLD DOC Award for his contributions to Humanism in Medicine and in January 2012, 201 Magazine featured Dr. Nagarsheth as one the "15 People to Watch in Healthcare" based partly on his work in music and medicine.

In 2013, Dr. Nagarsheth and his band members will be featured in a documentary film on the story of the band N.E.D.The film, Dancing With N.E.D. by Spark Media, a Washington, D.C. film compnay is a non-profit endeavor to raise awareness for women's cancers and the healing powers of music. A trailer of the film can be viewed at