Medical Oncology for Lung Cancer

Mount Sinai's Lung Cancer Program is consistently at the forefront of using and developing increasingly effective chemotherapies to achieve the best outcomes for our patients. Under the leadership of Jorge Gomez, MD, our Program's medical oncologists specialize in the treatment of lung cancers and round out a multidisciplinary team that includes radiation oncologists, thoracic surgeons, and pulmonologists working together to provide the most comprehensive and successful care possible.

Targeted Lung Cancer Treatments

Recognizing that each cancer case is unique, our Program excels in customizing the optimal treatment plan for each patient. As a result of our careful diagnostics (which include highly-detailed molecular testing not available at all hospitals), our physicians are able to identify the exact make-up of each tumor. Such specific information allows our thoracic medical oncologists to craft the most efficient and effective chemotherapy plan, personalized to the individual biology of each patient. Such targeted therapies save patients from enduring unnecessary treatments and side effects.

This high level of clinical skill is in the hands of our compassionate physicians, who understand that the prospect of chemotherapy—with its older stereotypes of extreme hair loss and nausea—can be frightening to many new patients. Our thoracic medical oncologists build relationships with each patient in order to provide the information, support, and trust needed to achieve the best possible response to therapy.

At the Forefront of New and Innovative Lung Cancer Therapies

Mount Sinai is actively conducting research to develop new medical therapies for cancer that are less toxic (meaning fewer side effects) and more effective than existing medications. This includes studying immunological treatments, such as vaccines, and keeping abreast of the emerging therapies being developed at medical centers across the country to ensure that we are offering our patients the latest treatments current science has to offer. In addition, we are studying the biology of lung cancer itself in order to better understand the disease and discover new ways to combat it.

Through our combination of research, clinical specialization, and personal compassion, our thoracic medical oncology service excels in delivering the most comprehensive and successful chemotherapy treatments. Our goal is provide the best possible outcome to each patient and their families.  

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