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Lung Cancer Treatment Options

Mount Sinai physicians are skilled in providing the full range of lung cancer treatments, which include non-surgical options such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy, as well as advanced surgical procedures that use specialized techniques to remove malignancies successfully. Individualized treatment for lung cancer and other thoracic cancers include a broad range of standard, and state of the art treatments including surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy minimally invasive interventions that are preferred whenever possible.

Lung cancer is a complex disease, and we treat it with an extensive team of doctors including a pulmonologist, oncologic thoracic surgeon, medical oncologist, and radiation oncologist. Close collaboration of your doctors is required to ensure the best treatment. In addition, we offer a full range of supportive services: pain management, integrative medicine, reiki, yoga, acupuncture, social work, nutrition, and psychological support.

Specialists in thoracic surgery, pulmonary medicine, and medical and radiation oncology collaborate to develop an individualized treatment plan for each lung cancer patient.