Thanks to Scandinavia Program for Music Therapists

The Thanks to Scandanavia (TTS) program is a scholarship fund that recognizes the ordinary people who saved tens of thousands of Jewish people in Scandinavia and Bulgaria during World War II.  Founded by Richard Netter and Victor Borge in in 1963, TTS programs have provided scholarships to thousands Scandinavian and Bulgarian medical graduate students to fund study in the United States and Israel. The programs also offer the Victor Borge Music Scholarship to students studying performance music, composition, and conducting as well as Music Therapy Fellowships to provide training in music therapy for scholars from Scandinavian countries.

Training is provided each year at Mount Sinai Beth Israel for all members of the Steering Committee. This orientation will provide opportunities for staff to present their individualized programs and principles. As well, the committee will develop a mission statement and objectives that will satisfy the vision of unified program efforts for student and faculty scholars in the coming years. 

TTS Music Therapy Programs

The TTS exchange program for Music Therapists provides a Faculty Scholars program during the summer. Applicants should have a Masters or Doctorate degree and an interest in expanding their learning in medical music therapy. Airfare and housing are provided and a scholarship for learning about the Armstrong programs, research and trainings. There will be a Faculty Scholars program during the summer. Please e-mail Joanne Loewy if you are interested in applying and an application will be sent.