Music Therapy for Spinal Cord Conditions

Music therapy may address spinal cord conditions for adults and children throughout the hospital. Music therapy sessions are offered to ease pain, promote healing and recuperation, and reduce physical and emotional stress. Our music therapists work together with occupational and physical therapists to provide meaningful musical experiences that enhance motivation for patients. Our therapists work with patients to exercise and stimulate physical movement that may increase range of motion, provide rhythmic flow while moving, and offer extra comfort and support that may accelerate healing and recuperation. Sessions may include live improvisation, drumming, toning, guided visualization, song writing, song sensitization, music meditation, and sedation. 

Our music therapists work in conjunction with the Spine Institute of New York, Division of Orthopedic Surgery at Mount Sinai Beth Israel. Clinical services include:

  • Environmental Music Therapy (EMT) to create a relaxed, less stressful environment
  • Monthly community sessions for caregivers of patients, including families and friends as well as staff on the unit, aim to create community, reduce stress and prevent burn-out through a creative music-making approach
  • Music therapists provide daily sessions at bedside for patients undergoing spine surgical procedures
  • Pre- and post-operative sessions to alleviate pain and anxiety that may occur