Music Therapy for Family Medicine

In working with this large population base, emotional and psychosocial issues may occur during hospitalization. Some of these issues are broad and may include agitation, depression, and isolation.

Orientation, self-control, self-expression, attention, memory, and motivation can also be affected. Physical needs related to hospitalization are always immediately addressed. Some of these needs may range from shortness of breath, increased pain, or a change in mental status. Clinical Services currently available in Family Medicine can include a range of music psychotherapy experiences:

  • Familiar music and live improvisation provide patients with an increasing sense of self, support integration, and can stimulate self-expression that may decrease agitation and depression when coping with hospitalization
  • Music therapists offer individual and group bedside sessions as well as group community experiences for patients, families, and staff to promote a “home” feel as well as a warm, pleasant, and welcoming hospital atmosphere
  • Music therapy sessions include live improvisation, drumming, toning, guided visualization, song writing, song sensitation, active listening and music meditation with the guidance of a music therapist