Neurology Telemedicine Appointments

Mount Sinai’s Department of Neurology offers telemedicine/video appointments to maximize patient experience and efficiency. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this convenient service will allow you to consult with your physician from the comfort of your home and help reduce your potential risk of exposure to COVID-19. Video visits allow patients to speak with their doctor online through a phone or tablet in real-time. Our patients receive the benefits of video visits, including prescribing of medications, if appropriate.

Frequently Asked Questions about Telemedicine

Which Neurology physicians and other providers participate in telehealth appointments?
The following providers in the Neurology Department participate in this telemedicine service:

What types of appointments can take place in Neurology via video visits?
Video visit appointments are most appropriate for follow-up visits, but in certain cases new patients can schedule a video visit as well.

How do I book a telemedicine appointment?
Please contact your provider’s office directly via Mount Sinai MyMountSinai or call your provider’s office to schedule your appointment. Please click on the provider name above for the office phone number.

Do you have a step-by-step guide for patients to begin a Telemedicine appointment?
Yes, please see our Telemedicine Patient Guide and our Patient Checklist.

What kind of phone, tablet or computer setup is required?
You must have access to a smartphone or a tablet. Video visits are performed using the Mount Sinai MyMountSinai app (found in the Google Play store or iTunes) on any Android, iOS phone, or tablet released in the last few years. Sign up for a MyMountSinai account here. Then download the app, so you can access telemedicine appointments.

Is my healthcare information safe while participating in this online visit?
Mount Sinai employs encrypted, HIPAA-compliant technology to connect you to our doctors. No one is present in the room with the doctor or listening on the line; you can confidentially discuss your health in an environment of secure privacy.

Is there a copay for a telemedicine visit?
In many cases, copays currently are being waived during the novel coronavirus pandemic, but they may apply if your insurance carrier requires it. This will depend on the type of insurance you have. The co-pay for a video visit will likely be the same as the co-pay applicable for an in-person visit.