The Comprehensive Kidney Cancer Program at Mount Sinai has one of the most robust research and clinical trials programs in the country. Dr. Badani has published extensively on surgical technique, and outcomes of treatment for kidney cancer. His philosophy is that new discovery and innovation is the cornerstone to medical advancement and improvement in survival and quality of life for the patient.

Our clinical database includes thousands of patients with kidney cancer, and we are performing high-level research to determine novel treatments both surgical and non-surgical to benefit men and women facing kidney cancer. Dr. Badani’s lab is working hard at testing new technology to determine their value in real practice. This includes testing new surgical tools, but also innovative genomic sequencing to determine how to individualize treatment specific to a patient’s particular cancer biology.

We are involved with clinical trials testing new drug regimens against the current standard, as well as, offer trials to some patients who otherwise do not have any other options.

The program is not only on the cutting edge of science and technology, we are leading the way through innovative research.

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