Partial Hospital Program

The Mount Sinai Hospital Partial Hospital Program provides intensive, time-limited outpatient behavioral health services designed to assist patients with stabilization of acute symptoms and functioning, which might otherwise require inpatient hospital care. Patients may enter the program from either outpatient or inpatient settings as an alternative to inpatient care. Individualized, focused, goal-oriented treatment is provided by a multi-disciplinary, expert team trained in coordinated care. The primary goal of care is restoration of baseline wellness within a maximum length of stay of 6 weeks. Most patients will achieve such goals in fewer weeks. Programming is highly structured with active treatment provided 4 hours per day, 5 days per week. Patients are closely assessed and supported by staff in ratios similar to inpatient settings. Program staff actively work with patients to engage and involve community supports to help them manage safely in the community during and after program participation.

Our approach to care is evidence-based and progressive, both maximizing the restoration of well-being and developing the most suitable after-care plan. However brief the interval of treatment, we work to also shape a trajectory for sustained recovery. We partner with patients and with their endorsement, significant others and family to collaboratively develop plans and strategies to best manage vulnerabilities and prevent relapse.