Inpatient Psychiatry Services at Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai’s Inpatient Psychiatric Service specializes in the acute care of patients with a wide variety of mental illness. We have five inpatient psychiatric units, including Geriatric Psychiatry, Co-Occurring Disorders, and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. With a total of 103 beds (40 general beds and 63 subspecialty beds) our inpatient service treats approximately 2,100 patients per year with an average length of stay of about two weeks.

Each inpatient unit is fully staffed with psychiatry, nursing, social work, and psychiatric rehabilitation therapists. Our multidisciplinary teams are skilled in the treatment of psychotic disorders, mood and anxiety disorders, substance abuse disorders, and personality disorders. Therapies for patients with co-morbid medical illnesses are readily available from internists and specialists throughout the Mount Sinai Health System.

Our Inpatient Treatments

Our highly-skilled staff is pleased to provide patients with a range of therapies and support programs, such as the following:

  • Individual Psychopharmacology
    Led by an attending psychiatrist specializing in the acute care of patients with mental illness, each patient on admission will receive a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation followed by daily psychiatric assessments to determine appropriate treatment with psychiatric medication.

  • Individual Psychotherapy
    Daily visits with doctors, nurses, social workers, and psychology interns provide each hospitalized patient with ongoing psychotherapy.

  • Group Psychotherapy
    Each inpatient unit is staffed with experienced and talented group therapists who lead a wide variety of daily group therapeutic activities.

  • Additional Therapies
    Each unit has a specialized complement of additional therapies for groups and individuals, including Art, Drama, Dance/Movement, and Music therapies, substance abuse counseling, pet-assisted therapy, and spiritual/pastoral counseling.

  • After Care Planning
    Social Work support for each patient is individualized to ensure appropriate and comprehensive aftercare.

Providing Personalized Inpatient Care

With a focus on delivering the most compassionate and comprehensive care possible, at Mount Sinai it is our goal to treat our patients’ acute psychiatric symptoms, address various psychosocial needs, and plan outpatient treatment to ensure consistent mental health treatment after hospitalization.

Inpatient Psychiatry Staff

Our services are provided by the following highly-skilled team members:

Gloria Rodriguez, MD

Roy Bachar, MD

Anne Bird, MD

Joseph Carbone MD

Shanti Gooden, MD

Eleni Maloutas, MD

Daniel Mcgonigle, MD

Joshua Morris, MD

Cornel Sanda, MD

Jan Schuetz-Mueller, MD

James Squires, MD

Contact Us

Inpatient Psychiatry Admission’s Coordinator
Tel: 212-241-5675