Meet Our Team

Medical Director: Joseph Friedman, MD
As the founder and Medical Director for The Mount Sinai Hospital Delirium Program, I undertook this initiative in response to lack of attention given by the medical profession to the recognition and treatment of Delirium; one most frequent complications of hospitalization amongst geriatric patients. Subsequently, the program has grown in terms of the number of innovations, staff and support; and over time, the Mount Sinai Hospital Delirium Program has evolved into a unique model which departs the typical personnel heavy multi-component treatment Intervention programs currently used by other institutions focusing on the delirium problem. In contrast, our program relies on a smaller multidisciplinary team backed by innovative technologies developed within our electronic medical records system which provides smart decision support to our team and hospital personnel by using real time patient clinical information. Finally, we are dedicated to the continuous education of hospital staff and patient families in order to enlist the assistance of a vast numbers of people into the treatment of the delirious patient; allowing us to utilize a smaller more efficient team dedicated to the detection and treatment of delirium throughout the hospital.

Associate Medical Director: Sapina Kirpalani, NP
The Associate Director of the Hospital Delirium Program, a Geriatric Nurse Practitioner trained in acute care setting and with diverse clinical and leadership knowledge and skills is responsible for working with interdisciplinary teams and facilitating interdepartmental collaboration along with the Hospital Leadership and the Director of Hospital Delirium Program in the ongoing development, planning, and implementation of the hospital wide Clinical Delirium Program. The Associate Director provides for clinical and administrative leadership, upholds patient care standards, and ensures quality in the care of hospitalized patients and their families. The Associate Director supports the interdisciplinary Delirium Team in the prevention, assessment, management and treatment of Delirium in patients across the hospital.

CAM Assessors Technicians
CAM (Confusion Assessment Method) Assessor Technicians for the Hospital Delirium Program are part of dedicated team of highly trained individuals who proactively engage in the assessment of hospitalized patients for the presence of Delirium and Subsyndromal Delirium. They review daily lists of appropriate patients for delirium screening; ensure that all appropriate patients are assessed and the results recorded in the electronic medical record in a timely manner.