Treatments and Procedures

Mount Sinai surgical oncologists are expert at using many types of procedures to treat cancers. We will base your treatment on the type, location, and stage of your cancer. With us, you are in the hands of dedicated, compassionate, and experienced surgeons. We are dedicated to removing the disease and helping you maintain the best possible quality of life.

The purpose of cancer surgery is to remove all or most of the tumor. Once we have the tissue from the tumor, we conduct studies to learn more about the cancer to guide your future treatment.

We perform both open surgeries—with a single large incision to remove the tumor—and minimally invasive surgeries—with a few small incision sites using a laparoscopic camera and special tools to remove the tumor. We also employ unique surgical procedures such as:

Our surgeons bring the latest science to you, and we always take your personal goals and preferences into consideration, consulting with you, your family, and other specialists to determine the best personal course of treatment for you.