There are many forms of sarcoma, which is a cancer that affects soft and boney connective tissue. It is important to find specialists with experience diagnosing and treating sarcoma. At Mount Sinai, our medical and surgical oncologists bring together a team of experts who know how to treat all forms of sarcoma.

About Sarcoma

Sarcomas—a rare form of cancer—grow into ball-like masses that can push against arteries, nerves, and veins. They can also compress adjacent muscles into nodules. Sarcomas may start in bone, and can spread to the lungs, other bones and to the liver, and sometimes to lymph nodes.

Types of sarcoma

There are many types of sarcoma, a rare group of cancers, which arise in the bones and connective tissue such as fat and muscle. In most cases, the cause of sarcoma is not clear, but risks may be a family history of the disease and exposure to chemicals or radiation.

  • Soft tissue sarcoma—grows in cartilage, tendons, muscles and blood vessels
  • Bone sarcoma—grows in bones and resembles bone; may occur in knees, upper arms, hip bones, upper leg, and shoulder
  • Ewing sarcoma—grows in bones and also can occur in soft tissue; may occur in the backbone, pelvis, arms, and legs
  • Chest wall sarcoma—forms in the bone, soft tissue, and cartilage primarily in the structure that forms the chest 

Symptoms depend on tumor type and location. They may include a noticeable lump or pain.

At Mount Sinai, we use a team approach that includes medical, surgical, and radiation oncologists; pediatric oncologists; nurses; pathologists; diagnostic and interventional radiologists; and orthopedic, otolaryngologic, thoracic, and reconstructive surgeons. We work together to provide outstanding and compassionate care, by meeting weekly to review the best approach to treating your condition.

Treatments we offer

While treatment may include surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, removing the tumor surgically is the primary treatment for sarcomas. In addition, to achieve the best results, radiation therapy, and in some cases, chemotherapy may supplement surgical removal of the tumor. Our surgical oncologists work closely with other cancer specialists throughout the Mount Sinai Health System to develop a custom treatment plan for you.

Clinical trials

Many Mount Sinai patients have the opportunity to participate in clinical trials and to receive promising new therapies not otherwise available. Consult with your doctor.