Mount Sinai at Home

Dialysis at Home

The Mount Sinai Home Dialysis Program offers peritoneal and home hemodialysis to allow you to receive dialysis therapy in this comfortable, autonomous setting. By combining state-of-the-art technology, convenient scheduling, and a compassionate and highly skilled staff, our Home Dialysis Program strives to provide you the highest quality of dialysis care.

Our team consists of doctors, nurses, dietitians, and social workers who  specialize in home therapy. We train you and your family in peritoneal and home hemodialysis. Our staff coordinates the arrangements, such as timely delivery of supplies to your home. Our clinicians offer an excellent support program as you transition to home therapy.

With home dialysis, you can get help 24 hours a day to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your therapy. We also provide regular monitoring and medical evaluation during your monthly clinic visit either to one of our on-site dialysis locations, or virtually for two out of every three months if clinically approved. We offer convenient technology, including wireless streaming of data that home hemodialysis patients can view on a provided iPad. All home treatments are continuously reviewed by your support team to ensure that your treatments are going well.

Meet Our Nephrologists

Mount Sinai is expanding our Dialysis at Home service area as medical personnel become available. Please contact this program to see if Dialysis at Home is provided where you live, and whether your insurer includes these services as a covered benefit.