Mount Sinai at Home

Hospitalization at Home

Most patients enrolled in Hospitalization at Home (HaH) might otherwise need to be in the emergency department or hospital for the treatment of an acute condition. Patients eligible for care in a HaH program require inpatient hospital services, and also meet other medical and social criteria to ensure that the program is safe and appropriate for them. They must reside in the parts of New York City that are served by this program.

The Mount Sinai HaH team will meet with you and your family to review the program and consult with your hospital clinicians. If you qualify for admission, the HaH team will work with your hospital team to transfer your care to your home.

Once back home, patients receive hospital-level care from a team of doctors, nurse practitioners (NPs), physician assistants (PAs), nurses, and other professionals. This care includes:

  • Multiple visits by nurses who will monitor your health status, give you medications, communicate with your clinician team, and answer any medical questions
  • Daily video or in-person visits from a doctor, NP or PA
  • Lab services, IV medications, oxygen and other necessary equipment brought directly to the home
  • On-call service—24 hours a day, seven days a week—to respond to any urgent or immediate needs
  • Care coordination to work with you and your family to develop a follow-up plan as needed

Read this brochure to learn more about our services and find answers to frequently asked questions.

We are expanding our Mount Sinai at Home service area as medical personnel become available. Please contact us to see if Hospitalization at Home is provided where you live, and whether your insurer includes these services as a covered benefit.