Mount Sinai at Home

Remote Monitoring at Mount Sinai

Managing Chronic Conditions From Home

Mount Sinai’s Condition Management Program offers a Remote Patient Monitoring service that uses in-home devices to monitor patient’s vital signs remotely. For example, a patient living with hypertension would receive a blood pressure monitor that sends readings taken in the patient’s home directly to the patient’s electronic medical chart for evaluation by their physician and our team of clinical pharmacists.

How does Remote Patient Monitoring work at home?

Currently, this program serves patients living with uncontrolled hypertension, heart failure, COVID-19 management, and high-risk obstetrics, including gestational hypertension. Services for diabetes and pulmonology conditions are coming soon.

  • Program enrollment: Patients enrolled in the program by their physician receive devices based on their conditions to use at home
  • Easy-to-use: Readings from the device are sent directly to the patient’s electronic medical chart
  • Clinical management: Our dedicated team of clinical pharmacists, dieticians, and patient coordinators work alongside the patient’s physician to monitor the patient’s readings and develop a personalized care plan to manage their condition
  • Patient support: Device training, healthy lifestyle education, and support managing medications are offered to patients enrolled in the program

Program Benefits

  • Real-time data is electronically delivered to Mount Sinai pharmacists and the patient’s physician to monitor and manage

  • Devices are user-friendly, and no additional Wi-Fi or technology is required for patients to use in the comfort of their own home

Our Goal

Using remote patient monitoring, combined with clinical coaching and therapeutic optimization, our goal is to help patients monitor, manage, and maintain their conditions while they are at home. Our service provides our patients with enhanced access to care and their providers through convenient technology.

“We provide patients with devices for them to use in their home. We are able to remotely monitor their vital signs and other physiologic data that is provided directly to our Condition Management team to monitor on a daily basis.”

Ruchi Tiwari
Executive Director, Ambulatory Pharmacy and Population Health at Mount Sinai.

Patients must be enrolled in Mount Sinai’s Remote Patient Monitoring program by their health care provider.

We are expanding our Mount Sinai at Home service area as medical personnel become available. Please contact this program to see if Remote Monitoring at Mount Sinai is provided where you live, and whether your insurer includes these services as a covered benefit.