Refer a Patient

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about patients and patient referral we receive at Mount Sinai.

WHO should be referred?

We see patients of all ages – children and adults – for any suspected or confirmed genetic condition for which consultation is required.

WHAT work-up is needed prior to the first appointment?

Pre-referral work-up is not always required. However, if your patient has had any genetic testing, a report should be included with the referral. When applicable, doctor’s notes, IEPs, and evaluations can be included as well.

WHEN will my patient be seen?

Your patient will be seen as soon as scheduling allows, by a provider on the specialty team who is the best match for managing his or her condition(s).

WHERE will my patient be seen?

Unless otherwise advised, the majority of patients are seen at The Medical Genetics Faculty Practice at The Mount Sinai Hospital located at:

1428 Madison Avenue
Atran Building, 1st Floor
New York, NY. 10029 

HOW can I refer my patient?

Internal providers: Mount Sinai’s very own EMR platform serves as a seamless information exchange between Mount Sinai providers so they can efficiently and effectively document, access, and exchange pertinent patient information for Mount Sinai patients so that vital information is accurate and available when needed by other providers.

External providers who have their own medical records and are interested in data exchange between Mount Sinai and their practice, the Mount Sinai Health Information Exchange (HIE) can be used. The implementation of this tool will enable your facility to route a variety of results to our practice such that the information is available directly in the patient’s EMR.