General Palliative Care

Our multidisciplinary team of specialist physicians, nurses, social workers, chaplain, doulas (volunteer companions), and massage and yoga therapists specialize in relieving pain, managing symptoms and reducing the stress of serious illness. We aim to prevent and ease suffering, and to offer the best possible quality of life for our patients.

Providing palliative care in the outpatient setting allows our team to address the varied needs of patients and families earlier in the course of their illness. Our clinicians have the opportunity to get to know our patients and their families over time, and to assist in the development of a care plan that takes their individual needs into consideration. Our early involvement also means that we are available to manage our patients’ symptoms when they are receiving palliative and/or curative/restorative therapy.

Our relationship with our patients continues during all hospital admissions and we will assist them with ongoing decision making, symptom management, care coordination and emotional or spiritual support.