Palliative Care

Massage & Yoga Therapy

We offer a number of different options for symptom relief, comfort, and stress. These include massage therapy, yoga therapy, mindfulness-based stress reduction, meditation, therapeutic repositioning, and other techniques can help with symptom relief, comfort, and stress management. Our integrative medicine experts offer these services for people receiving palliative care as well as their families. We know that everyone is different, so we individualize all of our integrative medicine techniques to meet your needs and goals. There are two types of integrative medicine techniques:

Massage therapy uses slow, deliberate, and calming techniques to promote deep relaxation and greater healing benefit. We can also offer guided relaxation during the massage therapy session as well as relaxation music.

Therapeutic yoga is a safe and gentle practice that includes simple yoga postures supported with props, basic relaxation techniques, and guided meditation.

Reiki is a type of compassionate touch that promotes improved oxygen exchange. If you would like to practice on your own, we can teach you a breathing meditation exercise. Yoga therapy is offered to patients and loved ones who are experiencing anxiety, stress, and other related burdens surrounding serious illness.

The Hertzberg Palliative Care Institute provides massage and yoga to patients at The Mount Sinai Hospital and trains therapists to work in the hospital setting to help patients enhance their quality of life. Our Supportive Oncology program at The Ruttenberg Treatment Center and Mount Sinai Chelsea offer therapeutic massage and yoga classes to help you relax while undergoing treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation.