Palliative Care

Outpatient Services

Our outpatient palliative care services allows our team to help patients and families deal with the stress of a serious illness by providing them and their doctors with an added layer of support. Our clinicians have the opportunity to get to know our patients and their families over time, and to assist in the development of a care plan that takes their individual needs into consideration. Our early involvement also means that we are available to help manage the stress and symptoms of a serious illness from the time of diagnosis and through its treatment.

Our team of physicians, nurses, social workers, chaplain, and massage therapists specialize in relieving pain, managing symptoms, and reducing the stress of serious illness. Our goal is to prevent or ease suffering, and to offer the best possible quality of life for our patients.

Our relationship with our patients and families continues throughout the course of serious illness as needed, and we will assist them with ongoing decision making, symptom management, care coordination, and emotional or spiritual support.

Supportive Oncology

This partnering enables cancer patients receiving treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation, to receive the added layer of support provided by palliative care while in the Treatment Center. Our palliative care team address the symptoms of cancer and side effects of its treatments, ease emotional and spiritual distress, and helps families cope with their loved one’s cancer. Studies have shown that patients and their families who receive palliative care have a better quality of life, live longer, and are less likely to need hospitalization. Services are offered at the Ruttenberg Treatment Center and Mount Sinai Chelsea.