The Phyllis and Lee Coffey Geriatrics Associates, offers a departure from traditional doctor-oriented medical models, distinguishing us from standard outpatient practices. The medical staff includes 15 primary care geriatricians, 12 geriatrics fellows, 2 geriatric nurse practitioners, and several medical subspecialists.

Care is provided by interdisciplinary teams consisting of a physician, nurse, and social worker. The functioning of these teams enables us to meet the complex medical and psycho-social needs of an increasingly frail and ill patient population.

Social workers and nurses join together in educational and support groups for patients and their families. We have reached out in the community by visiting and speaking at senior centers, participating in health fairs, and supporting programs. Our geriatric nurse practitioners and nurses have created a library of educational materials all targeted towards health maintenance and disease prevention, to help patients maintain or improve their quality of life.

We currently can provide on-site consultations in rheumatology, geropsychiatry, neuropsychiatry, and cardiology, as well as serve as a training site for medical students and visiting residents. Continuity is an essential component of quality in geriatric medicine. We work diligently to assure continuity of care for our patients throughout Mount Sinai. We keep track of all pertinent information, consulting with other admitting specialists and surgeons and also providing information to them on the medical history of our patients. This is done towards the goal of shortening their hospital stays and avoiding duplication of tests and services.