Mount Sinai at Home

The Mount Sinai at Home program is an innovative health care delivery model. We provide hospital-level and subacute care in our patients’ homes who might otherwise need to be in the hospital or a nursing facility. A team of doctors, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and other professionals treat and monitor your health during and following an illness or injury.

Mount Sinai at Home, formerly known as Mobile Acute Care Team (MACT), launched in 2014 after receiving a $9.6 million Health Care Innovation Award from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to create a unique “hospital at home” program.

Mount Sinai at Home exemplifies our commitment to providing cutting-edge medicine and creating an innovative health care system that is changing the lives of our patients. The program also illustrates Mount Sinai’s status as a pioneer in the development of new clinical and financial models for patients with acute and sub-acute illnesses.

Advantages of Mount Sinai at Home include:

  • Comfort and convenience of quality care in the home setting
  • Communication with doctors, nurse practitioners, and nurses face-to-face or via video without ever leaving the home
  • Computer tablet that allows the care team to check on medical status instantly
  • Recovery Care Coordinator Registered Nurses available to answer questions and communicate with all providers
  • Single point of contact for medical questions


Today, we offer the following Mount Sinai at Home programs:

Hospitalization at Home

Our Hospitalization at Home program provides both in-home and video visits from nurse practitioners and doctors who deliver care and respond to emergencies, as well as nurses to provide clinical treatments, and a social worker to coordinate care as needed. Our program delivers and provides medications, routine lab tests, and durable medical equipment and IVs in the comfort of your home. We will also follow you or your loved ones as provided by your health plan following hospital discharge.

Rehabilitation at Home (RaH)

Rehabilitation at Home (RaH) is designed to provide care following hospitalization for rehabilitation, medical, and nursing services instead of a nursing home stay for qualifying patients. Our admitted patients receive physician oversight and home visits from nurses who can be scheduled for medically required treatments including IV medications. All patients receive a social work evaluation and follow-up as needed for linkages to community services and care coordination.

Rehabilitative services include physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy and are scheduled when necessary. These services are delivered for approximately 15 days with RaH follow up as provided by insurance plan.

Program Benefits

A number of studies have shown that Mount Sinai at Home, and the legacy hospital at home models which it was modeled after, is an effective alternative to traditional hospital care for certain conditions.

The program delivers improvements in three key measures:

  • Improved outcomes: A critical benefit of the program is comparable or improved patient outcomes across key measures—particularly 30-day emergency room revisits and 30-day hospital readmission rates.
  • Increased patient satisfaction: Enrollment in this program leads to improved patient satisfaction—patients simply prefer to be treated in the comfort of their homes.
  • Lower cost of care: Another significant benefit of the program is lowering the cost of patient care—both directly and indirectly in terms of cost of stay and length of stay.