Support Services

Professional oncology/hematology social workers support Ruttenberg patients and their loved ones in a wide range of ways. In addition to providing individual and family counseling, our social work staff can help you find practical assistance with daily living from sources both within Mount Sinai and in your community. This may include information on transportation, meal programs, and caregiver resources. Our staff often can give you educational materials developed by organizations that specialize in your disease. If you are in need of financial assistance relating to your cancer treatment, including assistance for prescription medications, your Ruttenberg social worker will guide you through the process of applying for such assistance.

We have a registered dietician who is available to discuss any nutritional concerns you may have, including an assessment of your current eating habits and advice on how to eat before, during, and after your cancer treatment.

Support and Wellness Programs

Our Social Work Department offers many disease-specific support groups and events on special topics. A monthly calendar of events is available in our Resource Room located on the 4th floor of the Ruttenberg Treatment Center.

The support team at Ruttenberg can also provide referrals to Supportive Oncology, Nutrition and Psychiatry for symptom management and further support.

  • Artist-In-Residence: Ruttenberg Treatment Center brings services from the Creative Center through its Artist-In-Residence program. Patients receiving treatment explore their creative sides with fun and calming art projects that are led by their interests and facilitated by an experienced artist. Supplies provided.
  • Bereavement Support: Support and recourses are available for those who have lost a loved one to cancer. Please reach out to Anna Gribetz, LCSW at 212-824-8762 for more information.
  • Patient Support Group: Provides support to cancer patients connection, information and resources. See attached flier for more information
  • Gilda’s Club Programs: A series of support groups and special events available onsite, including a weekly Spanish speaking support group.
  • Other Support Groups: Ruttenberg has many support groups available to patients, caregivers and other family members that are disease and topic specific. To find out more, please refer to our monthly Support and Wellness Calendar. 
  • Pet Assisted Therapy: A program available to patients receiving treatment. It has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety and improve mood and energy level.
  • Spiritual Care: Our dedicated chaplain supports patients through their healing journeys. Patients need not belong to a specific faith, community, or even consider themselves religious, to call a chaplain. Spiritual care is for everyone – for healing, hope and comfort while experiences the challenges of life.
  • Therapeutic Massage: A professional massage therapist is available to provide massages to oncology patients during treatment. 
  • Woman to Woman: This program provides emotional support, information and self-advocacy training to women in treatment for gynecologic cancer, using a peer to peer model with survivor volunteers. The program’s patient fund provides women and their families with funds to help pay the out of pocket expenses connected with treatment for gynecologic cancer.

If you or your loved one is interested in joining one of the supportive groups or programs listed above, please refer to our support services calendar for contact information.

Patients Testimonials

  • This has been a wonderful treat during my treatment today.
  • This program is terrific… highlight of the day. Keep doing such wonderful work. As a patient, I can tell you we love it.
  • So caring, soothing, comfortable and really brightened up a gloomy day.
  • Thank you Mount Sinai for Lipstick Angels and making my treatment more relaxing.
  • I got a hand massage—it felt really good and was relaxing.
  • I was so relaxed and comfortable with her giving me a facial which I haven’t had in years. I feel special and pretty. Thank you.
  • The massage with hand lotion and cuticle oil really helps to relax me during my chemo session.
  • Beautiful! Thank you for caring! Perfect touch!