Volunteering at the Ruttenberg Treatment Center (RTC) is a powerful and rewarding experience. RTC staff is focused on improving the patient experience for those with cancer. We are grateful that you are interested in volunteering to assist in this process.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers help patients navigate RTC, while providing kindness and compassion. We want to ensure that the experience of our patients and their caregivers is as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Volunteers are a compliment to other support services available through social work, psychiatry, supportive oncology, nutrition, patient-centered staff and medical teams.

Supportive Volunteer

Supportive Volunteers provide companionship and support to patients while receiving treatment. They answer non-medical questions regarding the Ruttenberg Treatment Center, and direct questions to the appropriate staff for assistance. Volunteers familiarize patients and caregivers with the RTC Support and Wellness Programs for further support from professionals, fellow patients, and information on self-care. They may offer patients and caregivers snacks, coffee and tea, and lunch during treatment. Volunteers also support staff by assisting with clerical duties such as organizing the patient resource center, restocking support and wellness fliers, and replenishing the snack stations.

Patient Liaison

Patient Liaisons greet patients in the waiting areas and assist them with personal attention and information requested about the center and their appointment details. For new patients, this information includes what to expect at the first appointment. They often serve as a liaison between the patients and the staff. They have great communication skills. Patient Liaisons orient patients and caregivers to Ruttenberg Treatment Center as needed, and also familiarize them with available Support and Wellness Programs.

Volunteer Requirements

  • We are seeking kind, caring, responsible team players who are open and responsive to the diverse backgrounds and experiences of other people
  • A consistent four hour commitment per week, for at least a six month period

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact the Mount Sinai Hospital Volunteer office at 212-241-0478, and mention Ruttenberg Treatment Center.