About Us

The Mount Sinai Physiolab recognizes that metabolism is deeply individualized, with every person presenting with their own “normal”. By assessing your physiology through state-of-the-art tools and techniques, we can obtain individualized metabolic, body composition, and personal wellness data. 

With a thorough analysis of the data and consultations on your lifestyle habits, we can guide you in improving your progress toward specific goals in multiple dimensions of wellness. To promote long-lasting change, we arm you with the knowledge that allows you to make the best decisions for improving and maintaining general health. 

At Every Session
At the Mount Sinai Physiolab, we recognize that the data garnered through these protocols is best understood in the greater context of your overall lifestyle. With that in mind, prior to every session, we will work with you to understand your normal eating, exercise, and daily activity patterns. While you are at the lab, we take a wide variety of measurements, to ensure that we can work with the whole picture of body composition, fat distribution, and personal health habits. Each assessment is also paired with a follow-up counseling session, to educate you on how to interpret your data, and how to use that information to further your personal wellness. 

State-of-the-Art Equipment
Equipped with a BodPod, metabolic cart, and metabolic chambers, our lab features the most vigorously tested and validated equipment for measuring your body composition and metabolic status. Talk to our team members about the option that will provide the most targeted data for answering your specific health needs.