Robotic Kidney Surgery Patient Instructions

You have chosen to undergo a state of the art robotic procedure to treat your cancer. In our experienced hands, this operation decreases recovery time, post-operative pain, and blood loss during surgery. Using small and exacting surgical instruments, our team removes cancerous tissue while precisely sparing as much of the kidney to give our patients the best possible outcome.

Even though this is a minimally invasive procedure, it is still considered major surgery and certain guidelines must be followed to avoid unnecessary complications. The following provides information for you and your loved ones to review and with which to become familiar in order to ensure a smooth and speedy recovery after your operation. Of course, if you have more specific questions, you should discuss it with your surgeon.

We thank you for choosing the Robotic Surgery Team at Mount Sinai for your care. We continually strive to improve our efforts for our patients; any feedback or comments you may have would be greatly appreciated.