Our Programs

We offer several programs to help children (and adults) cope with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and other learning disorders. Both clinical experience and research results support the success of our programs. 

Organizational Skills Training

We help children develop organizational skills, the ability to perform tasks and schedule their time. Children learn to look ahead and plan. The idea of doing a task at a specific time and staying focused until it is complete is often new to a child with ADHD. Being able to organize their time and their actions gives children a sense of calm, control, and accomplishment. Organizational skills contribute to your child’s sense of mastery, which feeds the desire and ability to achieve even more success. These skills can carry through to adulthood and support ongoing achievements. 

Incredible Years Program

Ages four to seven can be incredibly amazing years for children who participate in this 16-week Incredible Years Program. One of our specialists gathers a group of four to six children each week. By playing together, sharing, having snack, and interacting with a friendly teaching puppet, each child is able to learn new ways to control compulsiveness, inattention, and other problematic behaviors.

College Group Therapy

College students with ADHD need to strengthen organizational and social skills to enhance their ability to study successfully. In our College Group Therapy sessions, college students learn how their peers manage their workload and social demands under the guidance of an experienced learning disorders leader. These sessions take place on a flexible schedule in order to accommodate the higher education academic calendar, meeting during spring and summer breaks or other school holidays. The program is also available during the college school year. Participants report that the program helps them with their studies and with the transition from school to career. 

Adults Group

Many ADHD cases last into adulthood. Our 12-week Adults Group is for professionals who are able to navigate their careers but want to advance their ease in various settings, from remembering a spouse’s birthday to being on time to events. Our participants are looking for ways to boost their organizational skills. In a group setting, adults learn new tactics and discover best practices, tips, and tools to enhance their professional and personal life skillsets. We can help with prioritization of tasks, planning, organizing, and mastering time management. 

School Selection

Many parents turn to us to help evaluate if a school is a good match for their child. Children with ADHD may do better in a school that knows how to personalize the learning experience and address a child’s needs to enhance their ability to learn. Based on our evaluation process, we are able to make a recommendation about school choice and to advocate for your child with the school you choose.