ADHD and Learning Disorders

Mount Sinai pediatric neuropsychologists are licensed psychologists with expertise in learning and behavior. At Mount Sinai, our specialists offer services to evaluate and treat learning disorders for people ages four and up. We work with families and schools to help children who may have difficulty learning due to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Starting with a specialized neuropsychological evaluation process, we are able to recommend ways to help children and adults with learning disorders. We offer individualized treatment options and programs as well.

In addition to evaluating ADHD, our specialists assess autism, intellectual challenges, math difficulties, reading problems, sensory issues, speech disorders, and writing struggles. While our neuropsychologists do not treat these disorders, except for ADHD, we can refer you to the professionals who can help. In complex cases, when your child has multiple learning disorders, we can connect you with the appropriate resources for more in-depth services including:

About ADHD

ADHD affects how the brain works, making it difficult for a child to pay attention, sit still, or to control certain behaviors and impulses. ADHD starts in childhood and may also be diagnosed in adults. Some early signs of ADHD may observed in how a child acts out in the structured setting of a classroom or when interacting with other children on the playground. Often, teachers are the first to notice these possible signs of ADHD and refer parents to us for an accurate evaluation.

In most cases, ADHD continues into adulthood, but with special interventional services and programs, ADHD can be treated to help children succeed in learning in school, and adults succeed in achieving career goals. Learn more about ADHD. 

Our Philosophy

We rely on research, science, and common sense to inform our treatment approaches, using interventions that are evidence-based and effective. Our treatment programs aim to help children thrive in school, aid adolescents to learn skills to help themselves succeed, and assist adults to build skills to improve both their work and their relationships.

At Mount Sinai, we offer both medication management and psychotherapy. We tailor treatments to your specific needs. By keeping in mind patient, family, and either school or work setting, we will create an individualized treatment plan that ensures that you receive the personalized care you need.