Women’s Mental Health

The Women's Mental Health Program at Mount Sinai is a group of expert physicians, researchers, psychologists, and social workers who care for women with mental health needs related to the reproductive cycle (sometimes known as reproductive psychiatry).

The arrival of a new baby is joyous, but this can also be a difficult time. Many women struggle with their mental health in pregnancy or the postpartum period. Women with histories of depression, bipolar, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or psychosis are at risk for reactivation of these conditions during pregnancy or postpartum. In addition, women without such histories may find themselves experiencing difficulty with their mental health for the first time in their lives.   

At the Women’s Mental Health Program, we offer the latest services and treatments in reproductive psychiatry to help women with mental health issues.

Why Choose Mount Sinai?

Our clinicians have the expertise, skills, and experience to care for women with mental health issues related to the reproductive cycle. We care for the mental health needs of pregnant women and new mothers, and we offer medication and non-pharmacological treatment options before, during, and after pregnancy.

Our clinical group takes a careful and holistic approach to the needs of the mother and child immediately following birth. Our specialists emphasize the importance of psychosocial and behavioral supports for maintaining the physical and mental health of both mother and infant. We are experienced in the optimal management of psychotropic medication for this vulnerable population, and in the use of advanced non-pharmacological treatments such as neurostimulative therapies. Women who conceive while under the care of a general psychiatrist are welcome to seek out one-time consultations for the advice of a specialist to help guide their community psychiatrist towards the best possible care. We also treat women having difficulties with mood or anxiety that are related to their menstrual cycles or to the arrival of menopause.

Our doctors and staff work with you to develop a treatment plan tailored to fit your individual needs. We are dedicated to caring for women with mental health conditions. To make an appointment, call Kizzyan Dey at 212-659-1326, Email:

If you’re interested in participating in research studies, please visit our Research webpage.

Meet Our Team

At Mount Sinai, our mental health specialists have the reproductive psychiatry expertise to provide our patients with the highest quality care. We provide personalized, compassionate care to help you reach your recovery goals.