Depression, Anxiety, and Bipolar Disorder

At Mount Sinai, we understand the significance of depression and anxiety disorders—serious mental health conditions that affect your overall sense of well-being. We also recognize the difference between common temporary changes in mood and actual clinical depression and anxiety disorders. Our expert specialists understand the importance of diagnosing these conditions accurately, and in a timely manner. We then follow up accurate and timely diagnosis with effective and personalized treatments, characterized by an empathetic approach to comprehensive care.

Clinical care for depression and anxiety at Mount Sinai is delivered through the coordination and integration of outstanding clinical services within the Department of Psychiatry, offering diagnostic evaluation, medication, psychotherapy, and neuro-modulation treatments. If you are experiencing symptoms of depression after trying two or more courses of antidepressants, please consider setting up an evaluation with our Treatment-Resistant Depression Program.

Our Philosophy

Depression and anxiety disorders represent common and serious mental health conditions. We believe that a correct and timely diagnosis is an essential first step toward improved health and recovery. Based on a careful evaluation, our clinicians will work you to then develop a personalized treatment plan just for you. Although the symptoms of depression and anxiety can be severe, they are both highly treatable. Our specialists provide evidence-based treatments designed to bring about recovery and facilitate a return to health. At Mount Sinai, seeking help is your first step to a happy and productive life.