Mount Sinai Data Office

The Mount Sinai Data Office drives the simplification, transparency, and use of digital assets to support and advance patient care, research, education, and operations within the Mount Sinai Health System. We advocate for the management of data and technology to significantly advance patient care and positively impact Mount Sinai’s diverse populations.

Data-driven Health care at Mount Sinai

Data is poised to change our health care systems, improve patient care, and lead to healthier lives for populations across the globe, and Mount Sinai is dedicated to turning that promise into reality. With rich expertise in using data-driven methods for medical innovation, we are quick to act on new insights from data to improve health care practices for the benefit of our local and global communities.

Our patient-first approach requires a data-focused strategy

Mount Sinai’s patient-first approach will rely on harnessing ever-growing data and employing advanced analytics to extract its maximum value for the benefit of patients. There is a tremendous opportunity to improve patient care, research practices, and hospital operations using data and technology. Our goal is to strengthen and support the data-centric transformation of health care systems toward improving patient outcomes. 

Data is an asset in advancing medicine

The Mount Sinai Health System, made up of eight hospital campuses and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, deploys some of the most powerful computing resources available in health care today. The health data we generate and encounter on a daily basis provide a strong opportunity to bring health care across a frontier into an increasingly data-driven world. We aim to manage this data as an asset for all our medical endeavors.

A reputation for innovation in data science and discovery

Named one of Fast Company’s most innovative companies in Data Science and Big Data in 2014 and 2016 and one of “Health Care’s Most Wired” organizations from the American Hospital Association’s (AHA) Health Forum in 2015, 2016, and 2017, Mount Sinai is recognized as a leader in data science capabilities and applications. In addition to our rich expertise and industry leadership in data science, our large, diverse patient population combined with our robust research programs provides us a unique opportunity in this space. With dedicated expertise and collaboration, we can find innovative ways to use data, technology, and advanced analytics to improve patient care as well as health system productivity, and to accelerate applied and basic research. Our goal is to build on our reputation as one of the most innovative health care and research organizations, putting data front and center in our efforts to better patient care and help those in our community live longer and healthier lives.