Weight Management

Mount Sinai is proud to serve you and your family through our weight loss surgery program. Our goal is to help you reach a healthy and sustainable weight. We want your entire experience—before, during, and after surgery—to be positive and successful. This program takes place at Mount Sinai Morningside, a 32BJ Health Fund Centers of Excellence facility.

Program benefits include:

  • No co-pays for all visits from surgery through 30 days post-treatment
  • Access to our internationally recognized bariatric surgeons
  • Individualized evaluation and care plan created by a multi-disciplinary team
  • Personal Care Guide who will answer questions and coordinate visits
  • Free transportation to and from surgery
  • Pre- and post-operative support groups
  • Free grocery voucher for delivery of vitamin supplements and protein drinks after surgery

Located Outside of New York?

To better serve all 32BJ members, this Weight Loss Surgery program is also available to 32BJ members in New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania through the 32BJ Health Fund Centers of Excellence.

To learn more about the Weight Loss Surgery program at Mount Sinai or through our hospital partners, please contact the Mount Sinai Union Services team at 914-350-3128.

Your Personal Care Team

We strongly believe in a team approach to surgical weight loss. Our team includes internationally recognized surgeons, bariatric nurse practitioners, bariatric nutritionists, psychologists and psychiatrists, anesthesiologists, and Care Guides. Every person on our team is committed to you and your successful weight loss. Your Care Guide will oversee your care throughout the pre-surgical, surgical, and recovery processes. The guide will meet with you throughout your journey to answer questions, provide guidance, and support your recovery.

Before Your Surgery

Medical and Behavioral Health Services

It isn’t easy to prepare for and recover from weight loss surgery. We work with you and your caretakers to develop a coordinated plan of care to support you and your family.

Education and Surgical Clearance

We need to make sure that you are physically and psychologically ready for surgery. After you meet with a surgeon, we will perform certain tests. You may also need to get clearances from other health care professionals. In addition, you may meet with a nutritionist, a psychiatrist or psychologist, a gastroenterologist, a cardiologist/pulmonologist, and other specialists. These procedures are for your safety and to fulfill the requirements of your insurance company. You can expect the time between your first consultation and your surgery date to be at least six months.

Support of Friends and Family

It is helpful to have the support of a family member or a friend as you consider weight loss surgery. We encourage you to bring someone with you to your initial consultation with your surgeon.

Pre-operative support groups can be very helpful. We offer free support groups at Mount Sinai Morningside to anyone considering weight loss surgery. We encourage family members and significant others to attend as well.

Your Hospital Stay

We can provide free car service to bring you to the hospital on the day of surgery. When you arrive, you will report to the registration desk. You will not have a co-pay. From there, you will meet with your anesthesiologist and your surgeon before we escort you to the operating room.

After surgery, we will monitor you closely in the recovery room, also called the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU). You will probably be there for a few hours while you recuperate from the anesthesia. We will ask your family and friends to remain in the waiting area, where we will provide progress reports and let them know when you are being taken to your room.

After Surgery

Leaving the Hospital

You can expect to leave the hospital the day after the procedure. If it is helpful, we can provide free car service to take you home. We will call to check up on you within 72 hours of when you arrive home. We want to make sure that you have all the services you need and answer any questions you may have.

Recovery at Home and Support Groups

After surgery, you will need to follow a specific diet that is crucial to your recovery and overall success. It is important that you follow up with your surgical team and nutritionist after the procedure. You will meet with your surgeon and nutritionist one and five weeks after the surgery and then at months 3, 6, and 12. We want to make sure everything is going as smoothly and successfully as possible.