Diabetes Alliance Program Is Now Available for 32BJ Members

The Mount Sinai Diabetes Alliance offers personalized support for union members living with diabetes by providing a dedicated care team. When you or your eligible family member enrolls in our program, you receive care from a team of physicians and dietitians with expertise in diabetes, all in one place. 

How the Program Helps People Living With Diabetes 

Once you are enrolled into the Diabetes Alliance program, your Registered Dietitian will serve as your team leader and personal diabetes coach by:

  • Answering questions about your diabetes care 
  • Creating a meal plan that is healthy and easy to prepare 
  • Reviewing a movement or exercise plan with you 
  • Coordinating appointments with other members of your diabetes care team
  • Scheduling workshops and group classes to learn more about self-care 

Get Started

Step 1:
Get a referral to sign up from your primary care physician, diabetes doctor, health care practitioner, or the physician who manages your diabetes. Once you have that, the Mount Sinai Union Services team is ready to assist you—just call 914-350-3128.

Step 2:
Schedule a time to meet with your coach, a Diabetes Alliance Dietitian, to adopt healthy habits for exercise, meals, and a non-smoking lifestyle. All our coaches are Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists (CDCES) and Registered Dietitians (RD).

Step 3:
Feeling better is the best reward. When you see and feel the effects of your new lifestyle, you’ll be even more motivated to continue.

Together, We’ll Meet Your Goals
With the support of your care team, you will have the power to meet the goals of your personalized diabetes plan. Your plan will include:

  •  Knowing your numbers for your:
  • Average blood sugar over a three-month period
  • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Personal nutrition and weight loss guidance and support 
  • Diabetes self-management education 
  • Creating a movement or exercise plan 
  • Smoking cessation 

It’s Affordable

There is no extra fee for this program. Co-pays will be applied based on your health care benefit plan. To confirm what the cost, if any, would be for you, call Mount Sinai Union Services: 914-350-3128.

Your Diabetes Alliance Care Team Is Here for You

Your Diabetes Alliance team leader and personal diabetes coach will empower you with health information so you can live your best life. As your leader, they will work with your primary care physician, diabetes doctor (endocrinologist), heart doctor (cardiologist), foot doctor (podiatrist), and other members of your care team to support you in achieving your optimal health. This care is provided under one roof, to provide ease and convenience for you.